Supporting data for Baccini et al. 2017 Science

Aboveground live woody carbon density change (2003-2014)

The data provided here are the result of a time-series analysis of carbon density change between 2003-2014 spanning tropical America, Africa, and Asia (23.45 N lat.-23.45 S lat.). For further information about these results please see the associated journal article (Baccini et al. 2017, Science). Spatial (raster) and tabular data described in the journal article are available for download from the links below

Data can be visualized at The visualization includes the ability to select a given change pixel (loss or gain) and display the trajectory of carbon density during the 2003-2014 study period.

Raster Data Information

The carbon density change data are divided into three regions: America, Africa, and Asia. For each region there are two raster (.tif) files representing: 1) carbon density net gain, and 2) carbon density net loss. The value of each pixel (463 x 463 m) represents the total net carbon density change (Mg/ha) over the period 2003-2014. Only pixels exhibiting statistical significance at the 95% level are reported. All raster files are in the original MODIS sinusoidal projection.

Data Download

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Source: Baccini et al. 2017/WoodwellClimate

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Baccini, A., W. Walker, L. Carvalho, M. Farina, D. Sulla-Menashe, R.A. Houghton. 2017. Tropical forests are a net carbon source based on aboveground measurements of gain and loss. Science 2017 Vol. 358, Issue 6360, pp. 230-234 DOI:10.1126/science.aam5962. Data available online from

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